Super Therm® Gallery

Super Therm® is used widely around the world including Australia. In fact it has a 70% market share in Japan. with over 9.3 million m2 of coating applied. Through 30+ years of application and testing, Super Therm® has proven to be the most effective ceramic and weatherisation coating on the market.

Corporations using Super Therm®

World wide markets include:

Asia: Japan • China • Taiwan • Korea • Malaysia • Singapore • Indonesia • India
Europe: Italy • Germany • France • Belgium • Netherlands • Turkey • Greece • Spain • Russia • Ukraine
Middle East: Saudi Arabia • UAE • Oman
South America: Venezuela • Colombia • Brazil • Argentina • Chile
Central America: Mexico • Panama • Puerto Rico • Costa Rica
Africa: Egypt • Nigeria • Tanzania • South Africa • Angola
AustraliaNew ZealandMexicoCanadaU.S.A.

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