Super Therm® Uses and Applications

Perfect For: Factories, Warehouses, Government buildings, Councils, Homes, Roofs, Sheds, Pergolas, Rollerdoors, RVs, Motorhomes, Caravans, Brickwork, Shipping Containers, Trucking, Air-conditioning ducts, External Walls and more.

As Super Therm® is the a leading barrier to heat penetration is also means it blocks up to 95% SOLAR HEAT from entering a structure or any other substrate caused by Visual Light, Ultra Violet (UV) & Infrared (IR). This leaves only ambient heat and not radiant heat.

  • Industrial and Commercial
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Heat and Fire Management
  • Transportation industry and trucks
  • Condensation Control
  • Insulating storage tanks (water, chemical, fuel)
  • Roofing new and old, flat or inclined
  • Ceilings and interior walls to stop heat from escaping
  • Floors (infloor heating under tubing)
  • Cold storage (freezers, reefer units)
  • Ice rinks, indoor swimming pools
  • Delivery Vans
  • Over studs, ceilings and roofing to block and prevent heat gain or loss


Application conditions

VOC-Compliant: Only 67 grams/litre. Limit in Australia is Latex roof paint is 100 (CSIRO)
USDA-Approved: For use in and around food preparation facilities
Mildew and mould: Can withstand moisture
Fire tested: “0” flame and smoke results. No off gassing (NASA)
Spread: 100 sq.ft./gallon on roofing and walls.
New galvanized metal/slick metal surfaces, stainless steel and aluminum — apply Rust Grip at 300 sq.ft./ gallon as a primer first, then Super Therm® at 100 sq.ft./ gallon (if rusted areas, Rust Grip at 200 sq.ft./ gallon as primer)
Weathered metal surfaces: (5-10 years old), no primer needed Apply Super Therm® at 100 sq.ft./gallon (if no rust is present).
Concrete surfaces: If painted before, just make sure all loose or flaking paint is off first, then apply Super Therm® directly. If not painted before, seal concrete first using Super Base (HS) at 100 sq.ft./gallon, then apply Super Therm® .
Tar/Asphalt or Rubber Surfaces: Seal first with Super Base (HS) at 30 sq.ft./gallon, then apply Super Therm® . Tar and asphalt will bleed oil residues into the coating, turning it brown and interfering with the heat block ability of Super Therm® if not sealed first. Super Base (HS) is water-based and, therefore, will not soften or harm the tar/asphalt but will completely fill and seal all holes, cracks and broken seams.
Flat Roof Systems: Remove all loose gravel and power. wash. Watch for roofs with consistent leaking; if present, push for roofing system #1 or #2.

System #1–Apply Super Base (HS) at 30 sq.ft./gallon As you apply Super Base (HS), lay in the polyester membrane (36″ width x 360′ length) as you go. Let dry and re-apply Super Base (HS) over the membrane at 100 sq.ft./gallon. Let dry, then apply Super Therm® at 100 sq.ft./gallon for the coating; and last apply SP Clear Protector at 250 sq.ft/gallon as a top coat. Total mil thickness will be: Super Base (HS) -21 mils, mesh-6 mils, SUPER BASE (HS 7 mils, Super Therm® – 7 mils, SP Clear Protector-2 mils 43 mills.

System #2 (solid roof, absolutely no leaks)–Apply Super Base (HS) at 30 sq.ft./gallon Apply Super Therm® at 100 sq.ft./gallon. Apply SP Clear Protector at 250 sq.ft./gallon. Total mil thickness: 30 mils

Walls (interior/exterior): Apply Super Therm® at 2.2 litres per m2.
Tinting: Can tint to any earth-tone colours. Not medium to dark tones. Never tint to grey – the black tint will cover the ceramic particles first and block their effectiveness. Best approach is to apply Super Therm® in 2 coats, let dry, then paint a coloured paint over the Super Therm® as your finishing coat.
Acid/Salt-resistance: Will withstand mild acids and salt spray.
High humidity: After Super Therm® dries completely, no effect on coating.
UV/Weathering: Very UV-stable, will withstand basic weathering for 2025 years minimum
“R” Factoring: Super Therm® does not an R rating because it is an ceramic coating. It blocks 99% of Infrared heat.
Application: Always power wash substrate using a minimum of 3000 psi power washer to clean dirt, oils, etc. Use washing powders in washing systems and rinse well.

KW Savings from Super Therm® = Actual Dollar Savings

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