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Super Therm® independent testing results

Super Therm® Tech Sheets

A product like Super Therm® seems too true to believe so naturally its gets far more scrutinised because of its claims…yet it is that good!

It keeps passing testing with flying colours…better than anything else on the market when you start to compare. While the product is from the USA the test results have been extensively conduced in their labs and on site with case studies showing great results around the world.

  • Exposure to UV, elevated temperature and humiditypassed
  • Water Vapour transmissionpassed
  • Resistance to cracking on metal or rubber type materialspassed
  • Tensile Strengthpassed
  • Flame Spread and smoke generationpassed
  • Structure Steel Fire Curvepassed
  • Thermal conductivity testpassed
  • Salt spray only – 450 hours – passed
  • Fungal growth or soil and dirt accumulation on paint filmpassed
  • Abrasion resistance of organic coatingspassed
  • Toxic offgassing – none – passed
  • Reflectivity of sunlight on window or coating filmpassed
  • Environmentally safe and safe for use around animals – passed
  • Approved and accepted as energy star partner for saving energypassed

Super Therm® ASTM Test Listing (pdf – 58kb)

Denver ceramic coatings comparison test

This test produced by the Florida Office of Energy showing a comparison test in Denver, Colorado. The test was over 24 hours between Super Therm® and standard Latex Paint with 2 identical controlled structures. Reports showed it took 30% less energy to heat or cool the building with Super Therm® and moisture levels were reduced.

ASTMB117 Salt Spray Tests (pdf – 40kb)

Northwest Testing Laboratories, Salt Spray Corrosion Tests.

Test results compared with other reflective coatings (pdf – 1.5mb)

Energy Star Program comparison testing shows very clearly that Super Therm® is the best coating on the market to maintain its reflective ability over 3 years with just 1% loss.

Sound Proof Test (pdf – 531kb)

Sound Testing performed by Hot-Cold Air and Fire Control by Pat Saulson, PhD. Sound reduced on average 50% for interior walls and 23% for exterior walls.

Resistance to Growth of Mould ASTMD-3273-82T (pdf 44kb)

Buckman Laboratories International, Technical Service Laboratory Report. Resistance to growth of mould in severe mould environments.

Fungal Growth or Soil and Dirt Accumulation ASTMD-3274 (pdf – 38kb)

Buckman Laboratories International, Technical Service Laboratory Report, Table. Fungal growth or soil and dirt accumulation.

ASTM Tests (pdf – 58kb)


  • Visual effect of UV exposure – passed
  • Water vapour permeability on organic coatings
  • Abrasion resistance on organic coatings
  • Water vapour transmission on materials
  • Mandrel Bend test
  • Tensile properties

BOCA Building Code Report (pdf – 91kb)

BOCA International Evaluation Report. US National Building Code 1999 – endorsement of Super Therm®.

Chicken House Test (pdf – 91kb)

Perimeter Industries Test Chicken House Roof – Cold storage facility for Jacks Hamburgers and Subway Foods, Cagle Foods.

Coke Pusher Cab (pdf – 251kb)

Sloss Industries Testing Documentation for Perimeter Industries, Coke Pusher Cabs Test, Stand Pipe Test, Steam Pipe Test, Oven Door Plug Test, Leveling Door Castings, Summary and Recommendations.

Ecopetrol Test (pdf – 80kb)

Ecopetrol Certification. Use of Super Therm® instead of Aluminium foil for insulation.

Emittance Test (pdf – 87kb)

Tennesse Tech Emittance Test.

Jet Engine Thruster Test (pdf – 250kb)

Jet Engine Reverse Thruster Test, (see graphs in pdf).

NASA Flammability Test (pdf – 262kb)

NASA Space Flight Center Testing of Super Therm®.

Super Therm® Field Retrofitted Shipping Contains Test (pdf – 1.6mb)

Florida Energy Conservation Assistance Program with Super Therm®. The objective of this analysis is to determine the impact of the “As Built Conditions and As Installed Components / Equipment” on the energy producing loads on occupied residential, commercial, government building and other structures.

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