SuperTherm® Multiceramics


Basic principles of Super Therm® properties

High-performance thermal reflection + low absorptive emissivity + high radiative emissivity + conductive resistance = the outstanding thermal Super Therm®


Super Therm® Molecular Scientific Insulation StructureSuper Therm® is a multiceramics technology! Combined with nano acrylics and polymers that makes it flexible and tough. The multiceramics technology gives not only 3 heat sources of reflection abilities but also non-conductive ability for heat and cold. Super Therm® thus contains not only one reflecting ceramic compound, but four different ceramic compounds:

  • 2 are reflective – they blocked up to 95% of the solar and radiation heat
  • 1 acts as a dead air space that avoids conduction of heat or cold
  • the 4th one blocks up to 99.5% of infrared radiation

The four ceramic compounds enables Super Therm® to be a real “solar heat block shield” and not only a “heat reflector” like common ceramic coatings. Super Therm® was tested and applied in NASA Space Flight Center as the only commercial thermoceramic coating. The developers of Super Therm® rely upon the latest scientific research of ceramic technologies.

The principle of operation of Super Therm® thermal ceramic coating is based on thermal reflection, very low absorptive emissivity and its ability to very quickly dissipate unreflected residual heat while simultaneously blocking its transfer to the surface beneath.

The essential ingredient of the coating is special ceramic compounds 50-100 microns in size which give the material its thermo-reflective and thermal solar heat block properties. Ceramic materials are very poor conductors of heat, and excellent insulators.

Super Therm® Insulation Coating ©NEOtech Coatings AustraliaSuper Therm® contains 4 types of ceramic

  • Ceramic ingredients function as a “heat and light mirror”
  • 1 ingredient works as a blocker of infrared radiation
  • 1 ingredient, the hollow ceramic balls, functions as a vacuum gap (comprised of numerous miniature “thermoses”).

Thermoreflection – the ability to reflect thermal radiation

Every material absorbs some energy and reflects the rest back. Ordinary coatings or building materials reflect back only around 30% of thermal energy and absorb the rest into themselves. Moreover, as a result of their high absorptivity, heat accumulated in them over time leading to a gradual increase in temperature as it radiates through.

Super Therm® ceramic solar heat block coating reflects up to 95% of thermal radiation while blocking the passage of residual heat to the material beneath (roofs, walls, etc). Additionally, thanks to low absorptive emissivity, its surface temperature does not increase, remaining cool throughout the day relative to the ambient temperature.

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