Super Therm®

Super Therm® is used to coat over exterior surfaces in hot climates to repel 95% of the radiation heat (UV, Short Wave and Long Wave) to prevent HEAT LOAD onto the initial surface or envelope of the building or structure.

Reducing the initial heat load onto the exterior surface reduces the heat “available” for transfer to the interior. Instead of 100% of heat coming into the building, there is only 5% of the heat trying to enter the building. As to interior, Super Therm® has an emissivity of 91% meaning that it can repel 91% of the heat on the interior trying to load into the coated surface so that it can migrate.

Super Therm® is a water-based coating (like paint), developed in conjunction with ceramic engineers from Marshall Space Center (NASA). Heavily tested, the product contains proprietary ceramics, resins, and a urethane that counteract the four methods of heat transfer: radiation; conduction; convection; and infrared.

As the only ceramic coating developed in cooperation with NASA, Super Therm® is the most effective, durable, and long lasting ceramic coating on the market.

The ceramics provide insulating effectiveness through uniformity, the resins provide flexibility, durability, and heat-resistance, and the urethane acts as a moisture barrier (along with being UV-resistant). This combination results in a coating that can reflect heat and fire, and withstand the elements for a number of decades.

Super Therm Benefits

  • Saves Energy Usage of 10-40% for air-conditioned buildings during the warmer months with even greater savings in free standing coolers and freezers
  • Reflects and Blocks over 95% of the radiation from the sun
  • Thermal Moisture Barrier that stops water penetration, prevents corrosion and surface deterioration, and repels dirt, mould, and mildew
  • Extremely Thin Application that is only the thickness of a business card, but has been shown to outperform fiberglass in laboratory and fielding testing
  • Unique Ceramic Composition:
    • Blend of four different ceramics that block all windows of heat transfer
    • Other ceramic coatings only contain glass hollow spheres that reflect visual light when clean but absorb and transfer other windows of heat
    • Only ceramic coating rated as an insulator by BOCA (U.S. Building Code)
    • Includes various resins, including urethanes, for durability and longevity
  • Dampens Up To 68% of Sound Waves in field applications and studies
  • Class A fire rating. In case of fire, Super Therm® will help to prevent transfer of fire and heat and will not contribute to flame spread
  • Prevents Growth of Mould and Mildew
  • USDA Approved for use in and around food preparation areas
  • Eliminates Most Expansion and Contraction of metal roofing and concrete
  • Increases Productivity from less heat stressed work areas
  • Reduces Heat Stress and improves performance and health of farm animals
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Long life – 20 year life expectancy on roofing under normal conditions
  • Egg White in color and rough in texture for maximum performance – see the colour chart

There is no limit to the application possibilities for Super Therm®. It can be used on metal roof structures such as warehouses, shipping containers, mobile homes, livestock barns, and grain bins; oil tanks; refrigeration units etc. Super Therm® can help reduce ambient temperature by as much as 20%. Depending on the application this translates into reduced heating and cooling costs, improved animal and plant life, greater storage protection, increased life expectancy for the structure itself and improved human comfort.


Super Therm on Poultry Houses

  • Fact: Reduced attic temperature by 30 F(16.7 C)- Benefit: Death rate of chickens dropped by 75%
  • Fact: Chickens were heavier at the end of growth season – Benefit: more case value per bird
  • Fact: Current insulation materials become loaded with moisture form condensation and must be replaced every 5 years. Super Therm eliminated condensation and will perform for 20 years without concern for re-insulation –Benefit: Saves the cost of re-insulation 4 times over 20 years of the life of the house, insulation materials and labour savings.

Super Therm® is a combination of high-performance, water-borne acrylic resins, which cures out completely in one week to an extremely tough, durable, non-yellowing, water-resistant coating that also provides flexibly and ultra-violet stability. Super Therm® offers toughness unmatched in the current market coupled with the flexibility necessary to meet the stresses of contraction and expansion without cracking or breaking down. This single development enables the coating to outlast all other insulation coating products-20 years or more from a single application (based on the use of recommending coating thickness and proper application methods). Other coatings will develop hairline cracks when the surface moves, through which moisture invades to develop blistering and finally peeling.

Super Therm® Molecular Scientific Insulation StructureSuper Therm’s flexibility and durability is accomplished through four different types of resins used in the foundation. Two acrylic resins blended together specifically for the purpose to achieve elasticity, adhesion, and provide a water resistance to ponding water. A urethane is blended in to provide a moisture barrier and bind all the resins together for added weatherability and UV-resistance. Finally, a special additive is blended into the resin mix to create a slower dry down to avoid any surface cracking due to our load of ceramic compounds, and to give a silky finish that enhances and extends the life of the coating in all climates due to its special polymers that guard against burn out. Super Therm® can also withstand exposure to -60°F (-51.1°C) without deterioration and, according to mil thickness, up to 1600°F (871.1°C).

Here’s the secret: Super Therm® contains two reflective ceramics that act to deflect radiant heat and reduce surface heat build up. A third ceramic stops hot/cold conduction by providing a microscopic dead air space between the surface and substrate. In the foundation, two acrylic resins provide elasticity, adhesion and water resistance. A third urethane resin creates a moisture and ultraviolet barrier.

The last polymer additive ensures a slow drying time to prevent cracking as well as add a silky finish. The resin/ceramic combination has been shown to reflect both heat and fire, withstand elements for over 30 years, endure 180°c temperatures, bend to 180° without cracking, and resist water and ultraviolet light.

Case Study

Manufacturing Plant

Super Therm® was applied on a manufacturing facility in Kansas that was experiencing a great deal of difficulty in cooling various buildings of the factory due to variance in size and significant volume. The results were an immediate reduction by 12°F (6°C) on the lower levels, with an even greater reduction to the attic storage and overhead work zones on the second story. This temperature reduction enabled the facility to utilise simple ceiling fans for cooling during the summer months, and thereby lowering the overall expense of energy.

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