Super Therm® Test Adelaide South Australia

Testing conditions

  • Temperature coating applied, sunny 32°c humidity 15%
  • Temperature measured, sunny 35°c humidity 12%

4 standard sheets of 0.6mm Galvanised metal were used as test sheets for the application of Super Therm®. The test was filmed to show the ease of mixing and application and the results were approximately 21 days following application. This was a field test conduced with:

  • Uncoated galvanised sheet (300mm x 300mm)
  • 1 coat of Super Therm®
  • 1 coat of Super Therm® with 1 coat of dark Space Grey paint
  • 2 coats of Super Therm® with 1 coat of dark Space Grey paint

As the Thermo images below show with a spot metre temperature reading the galvanised sheeting showed a 2% increase in temperature under the sheet. All the Super Therm® insulated sheets were between 12% and 23% better underneath with their temperature readings.

Note: In this test one brush coat of Super Therm® is equivalent to 5-7 mil dry. SPI Coatings the manufacturer always recommend 2 coats by brush to achieve the 10 mil dry thickness. The Sheet 2 reading on top is not fully accurate for this reason, however the efficiency of Super Therm® underneath has achieved just above ambient results.

A 6° reduction in the thermostat produces a 39% reduction in electricity costs (Con Edison). This test has indicated with a dark roof it would be 13° (22%) difference and improvement with Super Therm®.

Super Therm® (Sheet 2) with just one coat was only 2°c higher on the underside than the ambient temperature of 35°c.

Although we did not test a coat of Space Grey on an uncoated galvansied sheet we estimate even at a conservative 2% increase the underside temperature would be 57° in relation to the 44.8° recorded with Super Therm® which is a 22% difference.

Super Therm Insulation NEOtech Coatings Test April 9, 2018 Adelaide, South Australia
35°c Ambient Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4
Material + coating Uncoated Galvanised 1 coat of Super Therm® 1 coat of Super Therm® and 1 coat of Space Grey 2 coats of Super Therm® and 1 coat of Space Grey
Thermal image on top side of sheet
Standard image of top side of sheet
40.4°c 42.6°c 55.4°c 56.2°c
41.2°c 37.5°c 44.8°c 42.8°c
-.8°c +5.1°c +10.6°c +13.4°c
% as Degree
-2% +12% +19% +23%
Thermal image on under side of sheet
Standard image on under side of sheet

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